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n edwards ttravertine. nice material, mostly red and yellow (mobile)


Field Trips­

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­June 15th                    Clear Creek         This area has serpentine, jadeite, cinnabar, tremolite, topazite, neptunite, and the extremely rare California state gem, benitoite.  The risk of exposure to airborne asbestos exists within Clear Creek year round. Take measures to reduce exposure to dust while in the area.

The Clear Creek rock-hound trip is scheduled for Saturday June 15th. It’s about a 3 hour drive up the 5 to the BLM Clear Creek Management Area near Coalinga.

Vehicle permits are required and must be purchased at least 48 hour before area entry. The vehicle fee is $5 for 5 days with a $6 transaction fee and can be obtained online at www.recreation.gov. Clear Creek is known as a source of many desirable minerals. On the day trip we will be concentrating on the collection of JADE from the creek bed.

The day trip will gather at Burger King/Kmart parking lot at 6-6:30AM and depart promptly at 7AM.

Have a full tank of gas prior to meeting. The early camping trip will be leaving on Thursday for camping and exploring at the area. If you’re going on the early camping trip contact Ron @ 661-972-1117 for details.









Rainbow Ledge

North Edwards

Borax Mine

Cerro Gordo


Gem Hill

Coso Junction

Rose Quartz

Past Field Trip Photos:


Shark Hill